CH Copperstone’s Casanova WC JH CDX

DOB: December 4, 2001 – January 5, 2012
PRA Affected



Everything about Simon is big. He has big heart, big drive and big personality in a big package.

Simon was an outstanding dog to work with. He had superb drive and determination and in the last year of his competition training, I was unaware that he was suffering from debilitating elbow dysplasia. He began missing marks off the launcher and became reluctant to go down stairs when the lighting was poor and I knew it was PRA. We tried to finish his MH and OTCh but his elbows became sore and he had to be retired.

Simon now terrorizes puppies and makes certain I never drive anywhere without him in the passenger seat (especially if I’m going to the dump) but I know his heart will always belong in the field. Despite being completely blind, he can still do fantastic fronts and finishes and blind retrieves.


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