Litter Plans

Bitey (CH Fallrivers Kurfuffle) has been bred to Dresden (CH Shalane Dresden at Oaksill). Puppies will be whelped in late January and ready to leave March or April. This will be an all-black litter. Reservations still available.


Fallriver puppies are naturally reared. I raise my dogs and puppies this way because I love my dogs and I want them to live as long and healthy a life as possible. I believe that today’s dogs are bombarded with chemicals and toxic poisons and this causes cancer and autoimmune disorders including hypothyroidism, allergies, joint diease, digestive issues and parasite loads.

If you are not familiar with natural rearing, here are some key concepts:

    • Fallriver Labradors are fed a fresh, whole diet.  This includes raw meat with bone in, organs, and a bit of fruit, nutritional herbs and oils.  Commercial diets are laden with genetically engineered foods, waste products and scraps which are cooked and extruded with artificial vitamins and minerals added in.  Fallriver Labradors have been fed raw diets since 1997.


    • Fallriver Labradors are not dewormed.  Healthy dogs are not good hosts for parasites and we have only had one puppy with tapeworm (which we brought into our kennel from another breeder).  Once the puppy was put on a proper diet and given some diatomaceous earth, the worms resolved without the need for toxic chemicals.  We have never had a positive fecal in one of our puppies.


    • Fallriver Labradors are not subjected to flea, tick or heartworm medications.  These substances are toxic and these toxins do not create healthy dogs.  We prefer to build the immune system of our dogs so they do not suffer from these parasites.


    • Fallriver Labradors are treated with homeopathy.  We avoid the use of drugs and medicines unless it is an emergency situation.  Our breeding girls are all treated with homeopathy, even though they are healthy, to undo the damage done by commercial foods and vaccines in previous generations in order to decrease the chance of chronic disease such as allergies and cancer in our puppies as much as possible.


    • Fallriver Labradors have not been vaccinated (note that rabies is required by law in some provinces). We are happy to provide you with an unvaccinated puppy and that is our strong preference. Vaccinations cause many health problems including cancer, arthritis, bowel issues, allergies, skin issues, behavioural problems and more.


    • Fallriver Labradors live in our country home with the family. They also receive plenty of time in the outdoor air and in the sun. Our puppies are heavily socialized and by the time they go to their new homes, they will have logged many miles in my van, going to the post office, the drug store, Starbuck’s, Home Depot, and training classes. They are also exposed to vacuums, televisions, radios, and other household noises. They also get exposure to children and small animals to make them well adjusted, well socialized adults.


    • Fallriver Labradors are not exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals in the home.  We use only environmentally friendly products made from natural, harmless ingredients such as essential oils, lemon and orange oil, vinegar and more.


    • Fallriver puppies are kept with the litter for 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the size of the litter.  It is much more expensive and a lot more work for us to keep them longer, but the puppies are much more confident, calm and well adjusted when they learn to interact in a dog family for as long as possible.


    • Fallriver Labradors are trained using only positive, scientifically sound training methods.  We do not advocate any corrections, they are not only unnecessary but harmful to the dogs.


If you want to learn more about raising dogs naturally, visit DogsNaturallyMagazine – I am the founder and CEO.  I invest a lot of time, energy and emotion into my puppies.  I am looking for like-minded people who deserve one of my puppies!